The LitTerra Foundation aims to develop and support corpora and tools for the digital humanities work. Although the intention of the foundation is language-general (most tools are either general or support a significant number of European languages), the primary focus of the foundation is the promotion and protection of cultural heritage and contemporary art in Serbia and Serbian home countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).

Corpora and tools are primarily in the field of literature, but we also support other forms of cultural and artistic expression and generally support multimedia content.

The LitTerra Foundation was formed at the initiative of the ChaOS NGO whose members mainly participate in the development of systems and tools supported by the Foundation.

The systems currently supported by the foundation are as follows:


  • Bukvik is an online collaborative system for DH (Digital Humanities) research, designed with a focus on an adaptive approach to a researcher’s (or a group of researchers’) specific needs, discussion, reproduction of experiments, versioning of experiments and data, visualization of results, and Open-Science and agile research.


  • LitTerra is the world of literature; a place where readers can explore books and navigate through them. It is a place where readers are researchers and travelers again, where writers are guides, and scholars are again traveling researchers.
  • LitTerra enriches books in many ways, spatially, temporally, through entities, writing style, character analysis, interactions between books and writers, etc.


  • Cvrkut is an ecosystem for writers. It helps writers to write creatively, organize their creations and enrich the writing process with stylometric analysis, references to knowledge, etc.
  • Cvrkut supports social processes between writers, where they can help each other, seek and offer suggestions on their work.

You can find out more about the projects on the page LitTerra Projects

The members of the LitTera Foundation are:

Sasha, Mile, Rudan,, University of Oslo, Norway, PhD Candidate, Computer Science / Uppsala University, Sweden, Researcher

Lazar Kovačević,, Inverudio, MsC, Machine learning, SEO

Siniša Rudan,, ChaOS, Serbia, MSC, Science + Art

Eugenia Kelbert,, HSE University, Russia / University of East Anglia, UK, PhD, Comparative Literature & Translation Studies

LitTerra Foundation advisors are:

Tamara Butigan, National Library of Serbia, Head of the International Cooperation

Toma Tasovac, DARIAH-RS, Head of DARIAH-RS

Miroljub Stojanović, National Library of Serbia, Head of Digital Libraries

Andrija Sagić, "Milutin Bojić" Library, Head of Digital Development Department, IIIF Ambassador, CORE Ambassador