LitTerra is a world of literature; a place where readers can explore books and walk through them. It is a place where readers are researchers and travelers again, where writers are guides, and researchers are explorers.

LitTerra augments books in multiple ways, spatial, temporal, entities, writing stylistics, character analysis, cross-books’/writers’ interactions, etc.

LitTerra is project in progress. We are currently in the process of migrating our offline tools to online WEB service and scaling the service to high capacity. In the parallel, LitTerra team is doing research in the LitTerra related field and trying to incorporate research into the LitTerra service.

LitTerra wouldn't exist without Bukik

Short demonstration of the LitTerra project through the book: "Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne

LitTerra Team:

Sasha, Mile, Rudan,, University of Oslo, Norway, PhD Candidate, Computer Science / Uppsala University, Sweden, Philology Researcher
Lazar Kovacevic,, Inverudio, MsC, Machine learning, SEO
Eugenia Kelbert,, HSE University, Russia / University of East Anglia, UK, PhD, Comparative Literature & Translation Studies
Sinisha Rudan,, ChaOS, Serbia, MSC, Science + Art

LitTerra advisors:

Tamara Butigan,, National Library of Serbia, Head of the International Cooperation
Miroljub Stojanovic,, National Library of Serbia, Head of Digital Libraries

Toma Tasovac, DARIAH-RS, Head of DARIAH-EU

Andrija Sagić, "Milutin Bojić" Library, Head of Digital Development Department, IIIF Ambassador, CORE Ambassador

NOTE: We are migrating our servers to the Oslo University Cloud, please bear with us, they will come shinier back

Legacy (demo) website:

around the world in 80 days

English translation by George Makepeace Towle (1873)
57 Original illustrations by Alphonse-Marie de Neuville and Léon Benett (1873)