WriTerra (formerly Cvrkut) is an ecosystem for literates (literary writerts). It helps writers/translators to write creatively, organize their work and augment the process with stylometric analasis, knowledge references, etc.

It supports social processes between writers, where they can help each other, ask and provide suggestions on their work.

It helps to understand better the process and motives of writing by writers participating and working with literary scholars.

The system was reimplemented in its basic form in three variations: 1) backend generated PHP, 2) frontend framework + backend PHP, 3) frontend framework + backend node.js.

Currently we are migrating it to the more advanced collaboration framework: Colabo.Space. In the meantime, you can see the usecase diagram and the UI-diagram.

Cvrkut Wireframe

Cvrkut Wireframe (UI-Diagram)

use cases

The use-case diagram of WriTerra