The "Living Word" project is a fusion of the digital ecosystem and the digitisation of literary activities in the physical world. The goal of the project is giving life to contemporary literary words and the creation of digitised and digital (digitally-born) content in an innovative way, which "The Living Word" project uses to underlines the fundamental difference between the contemporary creative work and cultural heritage.

This project will set a writer as an active participant at the center of the digital ecosystem in dialogue with readers and literary scholars. The internationally recognised digital systems Bukvik and LitTerra will enable the writer with:

I) conventional digitisation of part of their literary work,
II) interpretive digitisation (interactive visualisation, stylometry, multilingual alignment)
III) Digitisation of the author's process and genealogy of the writer's work

The innovativeness of the project is in its "sustainable digitalisation" according to the principle of crowdsourcing, which will stipulate the authors themselves, motivated by the feedback satisfaction system (environment for creative writing, visualisation, stylistic analysis, promotion), to digitalise and digitise their own creative corpus.